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Family Ties That Bind
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The McGinnis wright  Family Website













Next reunion thanksgiveing of 2004,

Yule 2004,




Hanging by the toes in ks, Lurking in the shadows, Watching as we grew

Our Favorites

Most Admired

My Mothers side of my Family
OUR Mom was our best friend she taught us things you could never learn in school she tough us how to trust in one another  within her family, how to love and be the women we are today,
My little sisters are the greatest to have grew up with I could not have asked for a better clan of sisters .
OUR Aunt Patty, we grew up together  the way  sisters should have been .we are best friends  still to this day  aunt patty is my big sister. My best friend my moms baby sister,
My Fathers side of the Family
OUR DAD who did his best to see we had what was needed.
He went back to school in the middle of his life so we could look up to him,
And see you can do what you need to do in this life no matter you’re age,
He taught us to better our selves in the money hungry world
OUR Aunt Cleta she was always there when i need her ,a friendly  warm smile and a welcoming hug,  my dad’s sister ,

My little,. Sisters.
restorative Aid
3.JIMMY our brother
Tree trimmer

I am the web mistress

(my belifes our my own not my family)
Vern, my best friend with out you beside me
i don’t think i would have made it through
the tough times. My x husband life long friend
To the best of times yet to come.

This Site was designed to leave a message for future generations,
Family the tie that binds. Us as one Our kin.
Who's your Conner stone ?

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